When I create, I am inspired by nature’s spiritual essence: its energy force. I feel its beauty, delicacy, endurance and its radiance of love.

Through mark marking, contour drawing, design and colour using acrylic paint, ink, pencil and pastel on paper or canvas, I aim to express this feeling of oneness with nature.

I am motivated to capture the impressions of mystery and fantasy surrounding flora, particularly species native to Australia. I live in a warm climate, often subjected to drought conditions, and I love observing the hardiness and endurance of our flora, which still manages to convey vibrancy, beauty and an elegant fragility.

Tuning into nature allows my creativity to flow at a higher level. During this process I can remain calm, peaceful and trusting on a journey of self expression, self exploration and realisation that we are all part of the greater whole. As an artist, this journey is humbling as well as awe-inspiring and, at times, takes great courage. But it is a journey I must partake in and can share through the presentation of my works.